Sunday, January 20, 2019

Groupe Biso : Ingratitude

This is listed as the last songs in our EP Preingeindou but it is originally the first single recorded by Groupe Biso but did not really benefit a kind of promotion that is why we put it back on. 
Patrick Kiyambu Aka @Gwater wrote this to show the real face of our society lacking a sense of gratitude, thankfulness between people.

Do not be ingrat
For you can not lie to yourself

Nowadays society is filled with plenty of people who comes to you only when they are in needs and forget/ignore you when the service is done, not even throwing the little simple word of thanks.

That is why when they get in to trouble and come again to see you, they are not going to be able to understand why you have changed your attitude toward them if not criticizing you.

So be careful with who you are dealing.

Patrick Kiyambu
Groupe Biso