Sunday, December 9, 2018

Groupe Biso "Preingeindou Meme Morale"
English Lyrics

Waking up in the morning is not a habit
Thank you lord,

Same moral.
The Rooster sings in the morning cokerico wakes up stop being lazy,
laziness is a defect.
Daddy  wake up in the morning to go to work,
Moms do the housekeeping in the morning
and go out to find food for children,
children like donuts,
moms sell coals and spices
to pay for school so children can be successful in the future
and helpful to the community

Mushetu ISTA,
Academy of Fine Arts,
ISP Gombe,
Bel Campus,
IBTP are colleges and University in Kinshasa DR Congo.

Same moral.

every body equal
even moral,
comes to dance preingeindou
Preingeindou means planning
This is the music of Africa
This is how we dance in Congo
it is the preingeindou dance
Preingeindou equals planning...

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