Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kota Kota Kabola

Kota Kota kabola

Kota is a word from Lingala, the main language spoken in Kinshasa DR Congo. 
Kota literally means come in/Enter.
Kabola is also Lingala that means to share.

So Kotisa Mayele will be research/enter/learn new knowledge following to the song context.
Though, after researching and learning new knowledge then we need to share them to the community, that is Kabola.

From this song, we used an African upbeat vibe to attract young people with that dancing mood laying down a message for a deep research of knowledge leading to creativity.

Though I am citing myself as El Pipo love to read/study/research. Then giving example of my classmates from High school "Ecole Masamba" where I were excellent at Mathematics and then in college, I the only one passed a Biochemistry exam in my first year of Physical Therapy.

Coming to America, I realized that there are many opportunities to learn new stuff, so starting from art (Music) to science (Physical Therapy). I did research any relevant information I needed to insure my success. English language were my first challenge to get through it.

I end up the song by tracing my music career saying that I love music. I first started to enjoy playing drums with "QGR" a rap band from my neighborhood, then "Papa Wemba Nouvelle Ecrita", then we create "Monama" a band with friends then today with Groupe Biso.

Preingeindou means Premonition, Planification, vision etc

Kota Kota Kabola...

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