Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kota Kota Kabola

Kota Kota kabola

Kota is a word from Lingala, the main language spoken in Kinshasa DR Congo. 
Kota literally means come in/Enter.
Kabola is also Lingala that means to share.

So Kotisa Mayele will be research/enter/learn new knowledge following to the song context.
Though, after researching and learning new knowledge then we need to share them to the community, that is Kabola.

From this song, we used an African upbeat vibe to attract young people with that dancing mood laying down a message for a deep research of knowledge leading to creativity.

Though I am citing myself as El Pipo love to read/study/research. Then giving example of my classmates from High school "Ecole Masamba" where I were excellent at Mathematics and then in college, I the only one passed a Biochemistry exam in my first year of Physical Therapy.

Coming to America, I realized that there are many opportunities to learn new stuff, so starting from art (Music) to science (Physical Therapy). I did research any relevant information I needed to insure my success. English language were my first challenge to get through it.

I end up the song by tracing my music career saying that I love music. I first started to enjoy playing drums with "QGR" a rap band from my neighborhood, then "Papa Wemba Nouvelle Ecrita", then we create "Monama" a band with friends then today with Groupe Biso.

Preingeindou means Premonition, Planification, vision etc

Kota Kota Kabola...

Aider Moi A Etudier

This song is written by Marcel K. Aka El Pipo singer songwriter at Groupe Biso. 
Inspired from my own childhood life. My parents' orientation to be educated is the main source of my inspiration.
When we were going to Doctor's appointment in one of the biggest University teaching hospital in DR Congo "University of Kinshasa" with my Dad, I was bothering him with some weird questions regards to the hospital life, sick people, Doctors, Nurses and Intern students. So, after done with medical appointment, as a head of admission' office, he was introducing me to his colleagues.
Then, on our way back home he was telling me, that in order to be successful and helpful to the community, "Marcel do not neglect or mess around with school".
I did finalized my inspiration when invited to the "Renmen Duval Foundation" fundraising and first time to perform solo vocal of the songs to dedicate it to the kids of Duval struggling to have access to education. Then the all idea goes to the kids around the world who are struggling to get access to education and wish one day that we would be able to offer an equal access for most.

"The Capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is skill, and the willingness to learn is a choice".
Brian Herbert.


Lyrics (English Version)

Nelson Mandela Said : "Education is a great weapon that can help us to change the world"

My Dad had enough money,
but as he was working at the university,
he always told me my child do not neglect school.
If you learn today,
you will be successful tomorrow
and helpful to the community.

I want to study, help me to study, I want to learn how to read I want to learn how to write.

My mother was a school principal,
every time my colleagues were revoked for Tuition fees,
I remained in class as a staff child,
my friend "Benny" nicknamed me Chancellor.

At this moment
I am thinking of all those children who want to study but do not have the means.
As of now I am thinking about all those orphans who want to study but do not have parents.

We dedicate this song to all the children around the world,
especially to those who struggle to have access to education,
Thou who have parents to send you to school
should not be neglecting,
not be messing around your Education.

I would like to learn at least a trade
to help my community.
I wish I could become a doctor
though I could heal the sick,
I wish I could  become an architect 
So I can build up houses for my community.

Do not neglect/Do not mess around your Education.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Groupe Biso "Preingeindou Meme Morale"
English Lyrics

Waking up in the morning is not a habit
Thank you lord,

Same moral.
The Rooster sings in the morning cokerico wakes up stop being lazy,
laziness is a defect.
Daddy  wake up in the morning to go to work,
Moms do the housekeeping in the morning
and go out to find food for children,
children like donuts,
moms sell coals and spices
to pay for school so children can be successful in the future
and helpful to the community

Mushetu ISTA,
Academy of Fine Arts,
ISP Gombe,
Bel Campus,
IBTP are colleges and University in Kinshasa DR Congo.

Same moral.

every body equal
even moral,
comes to dance preingeindou
Preingeindou means planning
This is the music of Africa
This is how we dance in Congo
it is the preingeindou dance
Preingeindou equals planning...