Thursday, November 22, 2018

Groupe Biso

Though, as you have been seeing through our social media platform, Universal Tempo is promoting "Groupe Biso" that produces a blended African upbeat music to positively stimulate youth community toward an efficient growth.

The first single that we released a year ago titled " L'Afrique C'Est Nous" is on YouTube

L'Afrique C'est Nous is an African research Music particularly from Kinshasa, DR Congo. This song is showing youth as a dividend demographic for the development of Africa by promoting intersectorial mechanism of coordination for their habilitation as a transversal sphere to guaranty their access to school, work and different level of decision-making in local, regional and national to govern Africa. Africa that we want: Youth involvement in the process of peace and stability in Africa. Kwasisi Wenyewe.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Universal T

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to the universe of diversity. "

"Universal T"

A label concept I created through inspirations from art and science, particularly Music and therapy which I have been practicing over decades.

From DR Congo where I was born in"Kinshasa" the capital, known for it vibes and specificity of having talented artist, I am one of the shaped among all.

I am using imagination and creativity from my background and nature' exploration to positively influence the community through art. I am blessed enough to have meeting inspired people through my way.
Thanks for reading.

El Pipo.